Girl Bosses

    We are sisters and we want to help people. Our dad works on television (Jeff Rossen). He kept losing his mask on assignments going out on stories. So, we convinced our mom to bring us to an arts and crafts store to make him a cool, stylish mask holder.

    He loved it! Soon, everyone was asking him where he got it. My sister and I decided to help more people and make an instagram page. All the sudden we had hundreds of orders. It’s all very exciting.

    We are helping people stay safe, and it feels really nice. We use high quality beads of all colors, shapes and sizes. We personalize each one because we should all be proud of who we are. 

    We hope you’ll buy one for yourself, your family or friends. Thanks for supporting us!

No matter what — use a mask and stay safe.

Skyler & Sloane

Free personalization

We should all be proud of who we are, so we personalize every order for free.